Maybe it is just me but every couple of weeks I would find myself wanting to edit a large Grafana dashboard. Usually it would involve something like copying 10 panels (graphs) from one dashboard to another. Or copying them on the same dashboard but with some parameter modified.

While repeated…

If you have been using JSON for years but have never wondered about the origins of JSON or its nuances, you would be forgiven. It’s not your fault. That’s JSON being true to its purpose. describes JSON as “easy for humans to read and write” and “easy for machines…

Why talk about references in PHP? Because most coders of PHP would not be able to correctly predict the output of this program. Will this terminate or run forever?

$orig_array = [4,5,6];foreach ($orig_array as $elem) {
$orig_array[] = $elem + 1;
echo $elem;

or, reason about the output…

Recently I encountered a hitch while trying to index some documents in Solr. Without going into the reasons of why it was happening, let’s start with where I was. I had to index a few hundred thousand documents in Solr. …

Yasoob Haider

I code, among other things.

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